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    Vesak At Sewu Temple, Buddist festival Ceremony

    Yogyakarta has a large number of religious festivals and the Waisak (Vesak) Festival at Sewu temple is just one of them. It is a Buddhist festival, which is held every year in the month of May.

    Vesak Festival is celebrated by Buddhist around the world, and in different manners all over the world. Though some countries occasionally use different date for this festival, most would fall on this same day. Vesak is celebrated as the day of birth, death and the moment when Siddhartha Gautama obtain the highest wisdom to become the Buddha Shakyamuni.

    The festival of Vesak day is celebrated at many Buddhist Temples, other than borobudur it is also celebrated at Candi Sewu within the Prambanan Temple Complex. Every year at the full moon in May, Buddhists in Indonesia also celebrate Vesak at Sewu Temple.

    Besides the legend of Roro Jonggrang, Sewu Temple is a sacred building for Manjusri, a Bodhisattva in Buddhism, called Manjus'ri Grha, a Sanskirt language, means Home of Manjusri. Manjusri means good luck, the most wisely Bodhisattva than the other. Based on Holy Bible of Buddhism, Manjusri is being a Bodhisattva for billions year, sits on the right side of Buddha Sakyamuni. The Sewu Temple built for Majusri.

    The festival, the pilgrim's march and the holly antique temple ensure the visitor, unconsidered his religion, an esthetic experience in an unforgettable spiritual and cultural atmosphere.

    You can come to this temple to see this festival.The statue of Buddha and the temple is a fine example of Indonesian art and architecture. The Vesak Festival at Sewu Temple is an amazing religious festival that is worth taking a look and photograph.

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: photographersdirect.com

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