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    Mountain Biking, Crosscountry and Downhill at Mount Merapi

    Biking at mount Merapi's slope in the morning is fun. Warm touch of morning sun chime with cool mountain air makes us feel more fit and relaxed. While inhaling a deep breath, we can enjoy the beautiful nature of rural landscape in Yogyakarta and discard all existing fatigue. "I think this is the real Jogya" a friend from Bali, told me.

    Are you ready guys .. and one, and two, and go ...
    A bike speeds down into a slippery footpath and shrubs. A strong vibration can be felt from our palm to arms and head. Eyes of full concentration are staring ahead. "Mommy... i'm flying ", shouted my friend.

    Many people know Yogyakarta from its culture and heritage, but not many know that Yogyakarta has a very interesting adventurous tourism. Moutain biking is one of it. Mountain biking often takes place in Harjobinangun Pakem and Kalikuning Cangkringan which are both situated at the slope of mount Merapi. The biking track offers many variation so that we can choose whether we will take a crosscountry or downhill journey.

    The crosscountry track gives us such a nice leisure and pleasure when viewing the rural landscape of Merapi's slope. Sometimes we need to lift up our bikes when the roads are not impassable because of mud or big stones. We will also feel our rising adrenaline when speeding down a long steep path. If you feel a crosscountry track is less of challenge, you can try to explore the one downhill, where we will always have to push our bike with high-speed down the hills going through the slippery and narrow track. Being in a panic ordinarily happens, sometimes we'll get slipped or fall on an agricultural land; that is what makes some farmers around you or your friends laugh. That experience will make us eager to do it again. Isn't it very pleasant?

    So, are you ready to try this adventure? There are some important things to prepare to start the trip, such as : mountain bike, standard safety equipment, and a local guide. Mountain bikes which are used should be adjusted to the activity, whether it is for a crosscountry trip or for a downhill trip. Safety has to come first. Do not forget to use standard safety equipments required such as: helmet, gloves, elbow guards and shoes. They will always protect us when we get slipped and fall from our bike. Don't be afraid of getting lost, the local guides will lead you the way and always choose the best tracks as you wish. Enjoy it. Check Merapi biking trip here.

    Source: tourjogja.com

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