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    Gunung Merapi: Mystical, Beautiful and Deadly Volcano Mountain

    The name ''Merapi'' could be loosely translated as ''Mountain of Fire'' from the Javanese combined words ''Meru,'' meaning ''mountain,'' and ''api,'' meaning ''fire.'' Mt.Merapi which stands at about 2,968 meters from sea level, lies in one of the world's most densely populated areas and dominates the landscape immediately north of the major city of Yogyakarta, on the island of Java.

    Mount Merapi isn't an ordinary volcano mountain, but a symbol in Java sacred mystic. It's connected with Mataram Islam in Java. As a part of balancing nature, Merapi Mountain is being in balance for Parangtritis Beach in south Jogjakarta. In the middle of the sacred linear of mountain and sea, there is Kraton Jogjakarta as an axis, and the heart of Javanese.

    Preventing the balancing nature, Merapi Mountain has a purification ritual hold by Javanese to respect its sacred. It's named labuhan, throwing a basket of vegetables and livestocks at the mountain. Locals trek the steep hill and throw the basket at the top of the mountain. During on the Javanese calendar, labuhan always becomes a festive ritual in the month, traditional dance and puppet shadow show play in the evening. On the same day, Parangtritis Beach holds the labuhan, throwing sacred offerings to the sea.

    On its fire, Mount Merapi always throw out the dust to entire mountain. In Nov 2010, a wide deadly clouds was being spread out at the hill, destroyed hundreds hectares forests and fields, at the north and south side.

    Located between Jogjakarta Province and Jawa Tengah Province,made Merapi Mountain has a strategic and important in agriculture sector. Billions of farmers depends on it, especially of its dust. They believe the dust can fertilize soil. The scientist are agree with the farmer. The dust is the best organic fertilizer ever, it's cheap and easy to use. At some death river of the mountain, there are some sand mining area. The sand is the best sand in Indonesia for building construction.

    Being a volcano mountain in thousands year, Merapi Mountain has a beautiful landscapes and nature. It's the best place for trekking in June-August. You may start from Selo Village (central java) for 5 hours. If you lucky, Semeru Mountain which is highest mountain in the Java Island, will be appear on its top. The trekking path dominated with 45 degree path rocks. It's an extra ordinary volcano trekking. In the top, you will see volcano eruption in the closest view ever. It's a beautiful deadly mountain.

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: social-007.blogspot.com

    photo: matadewaextrem.blogspot.com

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