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    Batung Bandoro Beach, Bengkulu - Sumatra - Indonesia

    Batung Bandoro Beach is one beach attraction is a mainstay of Mukomuko district, Bengkulu province. Batung Bandoro Beach is very famous for people who are in Bengkulu province of Sumatra, in particular, because of the unique beaches and beautiful views.

    Along the beach a lot of small stones that adorn the shoreline so the Batung Bandoro Beach often called the stone beach. In addition to pine trees located around the Batung Bandoro Beach also many palm trees and mangroves so like being in paradise garden.

    The road to the site was paved. Distance from Airport Fatmawati, the city of Bengkulu to the attractions around 300 km and can be reached by land route.

    photo by Pak Uncu

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