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    Matayangu Waterfall

    Tired to visit much tourist spot that’s give us not so special scenery? Waterfall Matayangu try to give a different atmosphere. This waterfall is located in the village of Waimanu, Katikutana District, East Nusa Tenggara. Very beautiful and rarely explored.

    The people arround waterfall Matayangu also care for nature and keep the condition as nature as possible, and somehow it is giving a very natural appeal with a stunning roar like a waterfall of glistening white pearls when exposed to afternoon sun. Chirping of the birds and leaves in the wind will make you feel comfortable and at ease to enjoy the atmosphere of a waterfall while swimming in a pool with waves of water from the top of the cliff.

    The atmosphere of the spring forest and steep cliffs you can see if you visit this attraction. Naturally, Matayangu Waterfall is located inside the National Park Manupeu. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a variety of beautiful butterflies. Because, in this park there are 57 types of butterflies, including seven endemic species of butterfly of the Sumba Island, they are Papilio Neumoegenii, Ideopsis Oberthurii, Delias Fasciata, Junonia Adulatrix, Athyma Karita, Sumalia Chilo, and Elimnia Amoena.

    Less satisfied with the waterfall, you can also walk around the 88,000 hectare national park. Too wide, you probably will not get to watch the whole beauty of the waterfall along the national parks in one day. The recommended best time to visit this national park are March to June and October through December. Why? Because, in those range of months, the waterfall will spew water with a maximum discharge.

    To achieve this national park, you can through the usual route used by tourists. The journey begins with the use of aircraft from Kupang to Waingapu about 1 hour. Then, from Waikabubak Waingapu headed by four-wheeled vehicles for about 2 hours. Friendliness and warmth of local people and the beauty of nature and the ecosystem in it very interesting to visit. And now, what you waiting for? Make Matayangu Waterfall on your holiday agenda!

    Source: trifter.com

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    Matayangu Waterfall Map

    Matayangu Waterfall Video

    Video by: viausadaku

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