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    Museum of North Sumatra, Indonesia

    Museum of North Sumatra (North Sumatra) is located on the road No. HM Joni. 51 Medan, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Museum of North Sumatra (Sumatra) has a collection of statues and ornaments bride-ornamenya of the major tribes in North Sumatra as Malay, Batak Toba, Karo, Simalungun, Angkola, Mandailing, Pak-Pak, and Nias.

    Since its inauguration in 1982 by the Minister of Education and Culture, Musuem of North Sumatra has had 6799 collection of historical objects are divided into 10 types, namely geologika collection, a collection of rock types, objects of natural formations and the various mineral rocks. Then there is also a collection of Biologika, etnografika collection depicting ethnic identity in North Sumatra.

    North Sumatra other museum collections such as archeology, objects of cultural heritage of the pre-history to the influx of cultural influences barat.Koleksi arkeologika famous museum in between, as well Piringsapa Pustaha-lak Lak Toba Batak cultural heritage. The rest are a collection historika, numismatika, filologika, keramologika, fine arts and the berteknologika.

    The fight collection of King Sisingamaraja XII

    When visiting the Museum of North Sumatra (North Sumatra) found a number of collections of objects such as ulos Batak Toba traditional, so-called coffin rumaruma or parmual - mualan Solu Bolon and its symbolic forms, ornaments. The museum also has a collection of historical relics struggle Sisingamaraja XII.

    Shawl weaving was a relic Edit Miriam (wife Sisingamaraja XII) at the time of Dutch captivity. Edit the red scarf woven by Miriam to fill her spare time as a memento for the suffering endured until 1935. In this museum there is also a duplicate of the flag of war Sisingamaraja XII.

    From historical records affixed adjacent to the heritage of King Sisingamaraja XII is known that the King has a different principle with his father. To perpetuate the struggle of King Sisingamaraja, these historical objects on display add a collection of the Museum of North Sumatra in Medan.

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    Museum of North Sumatra Map

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