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    Rubiah Island Marine Park, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam - Indonesia

    Rubiah Island Marine Park is approximately 23.5 miles to the west of Pulau Weh by land or 7 miles through the waters. Area of ​​about 2,600 ha of waters surrounding the island Rubiah available as a natural attractions and offers a natural beauty under the sea. Inside are various types of tropical fish, coral reefs, giant clams, and many others. The coral reef here consists of various types, shapes and colors that form an interesting cluster of coral. Sharks typically appears during the first month or two each year.

    Of the 15 species of marine life protected by the Government of Indonesia, among which there are 14 species in this marine park. This area is also famous as a place for recreational activities marinas, such as diving, cruises and fishing.

    The state waters around Pulau Rubiah Marine Park is very clear and clean with the brightness reaches a depth of 10-15 meters. This is a natural marine park y and rich marine life. Marine fish species diversity is
    high with a variety of rock, such as Table Rock which is a dominant species of corals and other reef species, such as horn corals and soft corals. Various types of fish are also found, such as Fish Flag, a sense
    of the leadership, Botana Blue, Sergeant Fish, Grouper, Major Fish, Spinach, spinach, Taji-spurs, Putri Bali Fish, Yellow Fish, Red Fish Head, Fish and Butterflies.

    Source: acehprov.go.id

    photo: uniqueplacesindonesia.blogspot.com

    photo: obeytea.blogspot.com

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    Rubiah Island Map

    Rubiah Island Video

    Video by: CyProEJB

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