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Ngawi Regency is one of East Java regencies that often called as the rich nature scenery area. This regency also famous with the ancient museum named "Trinil Museum", which has known by many people in the world as one of museum that contains of prehistoric men fossil (Pitecanthropus Erectus). This museum is dedicated to a Dutch named Eugene Dubois who had give an inspiration to built an ancient museum in Ngawi, place where the first fossil had found.

Beside Trinil Museum, Ngawi still has some of interesting tourism objects such as; Tawun recreational park, Srampang waterfall, Pondok dam, Srigati pilgrimage, Jamus tea plantation, etc.

Ngawi visitors can enjoy the fresh tea plantation in Jamus Agro Tourism. This area offers cool, fresh and beautiful scenery of tea plantation.

The potential of cultural attractions in Ngawi, is offering the art products of its people, which can be performed any time such as; reog dance, orek-orek dance, gaplik art, kecetan, the art of puppet playing, wood carving, calligraphy and many others.

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