JAKARTA - Medan Heritage 10K Run is the sport tourism event that is organized by RajaMICE collaborated with Running Explorer and supported by the Hotel Indonesia Group as the Official Hotel.

Medan as one of the biggest cities in Indonesia which has a natural beauty, wealth of historical and cultural diversity of the population, have long had a fascination both domestic and foreign tourists are always tempted to explore any potential for tourism in the city of Medan or around. The whole potential in this city is centered in the area of Kilometer Zero, where the Hotel Inna Dharma Deli, Merdeka Square and City Station is the center of all these activities since the late 19th century.

Medan Heritage 10K (MH10K) is the only event that combines sport and heritage tourism with a different concept for the experienced runner. The event was organized to coincide the spirit of Memorial Day and is expected to bring a high spirit of struggle for runners, because the route has historical value as well as several historic buildings which are closely related to the growth of Medan city of Medan as a melting point diverse ethnic groups in Sumatra Island.

The Program events prepared by the organizers not only sport tourism anyway but participants were also treated to entertainment stage, bazaar, also the band's performance during the while waiting for the runners reach the finish and the result show for the winner.

Panca R Sarungu, RajaMICE CEO, said "Medan Heritage 10K Run will be a healthy lifestyle for people in Medan. The event is also expected to contribute Travelers from outside of Medan were also participated to enjoy a post office, Titi gantung, Kesawan and the grand mosque, so it's like running in a historic places".

Iswandi Said, Director of Hotel Indonesia Natour said "Inna Dharma Deli Hotel is located in Zero kilometer will be the start and finish of event. Medan route running can show a variety of historic buildings so that there exist value leisure and knowledge at the same time. "

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