Malaysia ‘The Truly Asia’ or Indonesia is the truly one?

Asia is the biggest continent in the world, where it has part of the area like Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia and West Asia.

Among the region that listed in Asia continent, Southeast Asia is the most majestic land that offers splendid things for worldwide tourist.

Southeast Asia settled in perfect geographic and it has numbers of heritages in some historical and culture. The geographical area that tend to be archipelago, make regions that located in the southeast Asia are surrounded by beaches and mountains; some countries that having those natural beauty, among others are Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Malaysia, that geographically closest to Indonesia is having similar in every way, like the race, the language and the culture. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy country, that ruled by a king.

According to the nature, Malaysia has several natural attractions, such as beaches and mountains. The area that mostly attach to Indonesia like Borneo has similar culture and way of life among the society with Indonesia. But when we talk about Orangutan, Indonesia is the first country to be recognized about it.

While we are recognize that Truly Asia is Malaysia’s pride slogan to promote their tourism. However, the beauty of Malaysia is often questioned.

What will be the first hint among tourist regarding Malaysia?

The answer will be Petronas Tower, or the luxurious Kuala Lumpur.

Judging from its potential natural beauty, Indonesia has more cultural and natural heritages that more attractive as compared to Malaysia. Then, can we use the ‘Truly Asia’ slogan for Indonesia instead of Malaysia?

After doing some interviews and reset with some tourists, we can have conclusion of their thoughts regarding their opinion about Indonesia and Malaysia.

Yana, 29

st. Petersburg – Rusia Federation

Comparing to Indonesia, Malaysia have less culture than Indonesia. Appereantly, there are just common tribe such as India, original tribe from Malaysia, and for sure The biggest tribe is Chinnese. So, as a traveler who wants to learn the culture, Malaysia isn’t the right place to learn, as you can see, Indonesia has more than million tribes which are very interesting to learn.

Mattheo, 23

Milan – Italy

I’ve been currently living in southeast Asia for 3 years, I found out that Indonesia has more incredible cultural diversity than Malaysia. The advertising jingle “Malaysia truly Asia” is catchy, but it’s not really catchy as Indonesia. I worked in Bali for one year as a free diver, I really love underwater. Comparing to Malaysia, Indonesia has more beautiful under water things such as coral etc. Also the great tidal wave to suffer ! I think I would like to spent whole of my life staying in this beautiful country.

Lisa Tan, 21


As a Singaporean, I live in the same wheatear like in Indonesia. I love my country and Southeast Asia exactly. But when I travel, I prefer visit Indonesia than Malaysia. I used to live in luxury country; I don’t want to spend my money travelling to the same luxury country as Malaysia. I prefer visit country that has beautiful nature to enjoy. Indonesia isn’t the wrong choice. I think.