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Thread: Liran Island

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    Liran Island

    Liran Island

    Liran Island is a small island off the southwest coast of Wetar Island, Indonesia. 12 km to the southwest is the East Timorese island Atauro. Liran is the westernmost of the Barat Daya Islands in the province of Maluku. Liran is surrounded by coral reefs.

    It has a small population, who speak Wetarese. They primarily live in the small village on the south end of the island. There is also a lighthouse there.

    The inhabitants that live in Liran are split within three villages, which is Ustutun, Manoha and Usbisheira that located far at one to each other. The island is having hilly contour and there is no public transportation to reach other village, but by using small boat.

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    I have visited Liran Island in my Maluku tour. It is rally a worth visiting attraction and attract the visitors for its natural beauty. The most attractive thing of this island for me is its greenery because I love nature.

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