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    Sam Poo Kong Temple - Semarang - Central Java

    The Chinese Temple, also known as Gedung Batu (Stone Building), was originally a cave inside a rocky landscape dated back in 15th century. After being covered by a landslide in 18th century, the local people rebuilt it into a shrine to honor Chinese Muslim Admiral Cheng Ho.

    Being a natural harbor, Semarang was ideal for his trade mission. An anchor and the hull of a wooden vessel displayed inside the temple complex are the evidence of the maritime escapades. Cheng Hos journey from China to Semarang is also descriped by reliefs on the wall.

    Unlike the other shrines, not everybody is allowed to enter Sam Poo Kong. Only those who have the intention to pray by bringing the hios (joss sticks) will get the entry permission by the security officers guarding the entry gate. Others will only be able to enjoy the temple behind the fence.

    Those who cannot enter the temple still have things to enjoy such as the souvenirs shops, bazaar, and barongsai performances in festivals to celebrate important historical moments, such as the birth of Cheng Ho, the day Cheng Ho came to Semarang, Chinese New Year or Imlek, and so on.

    The festivals usually are held in the yard of the temple complex. Sometime, especially to commemorate the Cheng Ho arrival in Semarang in August, there is a carnival led by people carrying Cheng Ho statue.

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    source: Travelwan magazine

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