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    Cetha (Ceto) Temple, Karanganyar - Central Java

    Cetha (Ceto) Temple is one of the temples built in the era of the Majapahit Kingdom, during the reign of King Brawijaya V. That said Cetha name, which in Javanese means clear, it is used as the name of the village where the temple is located because of Hamlet Cetha people can clearly different directions. To the north is a scene Karanganyar and Solo with a backdrop of Mount Merapi and Merbabu and, furthermore, the peak of Mount cleft. To the west and east looks green hills stretching, while to the south look back and kids Lawu.

    Cetha temple complex was first discovered by Van der Vlis in 1842. Furthermore, historic buildings, many got the attention of archaeologists such as WF Sutterheim, K.C. Crucq, N.j. Krom, A.J. Bernet Kempers, and Riboet Darmosoetopo.

    It is known that the temple was built around the year 1451-1470, ie at the end of the Majapahit Kingdom. Temple Cetha a Hindu temple that was built for the purpose of 'ruwatan', ie religious ceremony that aims to rescue from the doom and various forms of pressure due to the ongoing turmoil at the time. The fact that this temple is a Hindu temple is very interesting, because the kings of Majapahit embraced Buddhism. At that time Majapahit Kingdom is undergoing the process of collapse with mounting social turmoil, political, cultural and even religious order before being destroyed in the year 1478 AD

    Cetha Temple is a group of buildings consisting of 11 terraces that extends east-west direction. The first terrace is located on the east side, the west higher. Each terrace is connected by a door and the path that seems to divide pages into two-sided porch. On the east side of the lower terrace there is a gate which is the gateway Cetha temple complex.

    However, if the weather is sunny, we had the opportunity to enjoy the scenery on either side of the road. Over the past ten kilometers, we were treated to views of the vast tea plantations and cool with cold air.

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