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    Cihanyawar waterfall, Garut - West Java - Indonesia

    Cihanyawar waterfall is a natural tourist attraction in the form of a waterfall with a height of 16 m at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level, located in the village district Sukamurni Cilawu Garut district - West Java. Cihanyawar waterfall water sources comes from the water flow from Mount Cipadaruun Cikuray springs. Cihanyawar waterfall located on lands dibawahi by two ownership, namely PTP Nusantara Sukamurni VIII and the Village Community. Although located in the boundary between land owned by PTP Nusantara VIII and land owned by the Village Community Sukamurni but actually Cihanyawar waterfall into the region's PTP Nusantara VIII - Plantation Dayeuh Bwt, and included in block plantations memilliki Cipang a total area of 12, administrative boundaries Cihanyawar 57ha.Untuk waterfall adjacent to the Village Sukamaju in the north, on the south by the Village Wangun Jaya, in the west bordering Sindangsari Village, and east by District Tasikmalaya.

    To Go to the location of the waterfall there Cihanyawar highway district roads with a width of 2.5 m with a quality good enough, can use the means of transportation in the form of urban transportation to the terminal trajectory of Thunder - Bojongloa or use other means of transportation such as microbus with the trajectory Main Page - Singaparna. As for the achievement to the location of the initial waterfall Cihanyawar access road, visitors can use the form OJEG transportation.

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