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    Orok Waterfall (Curug Orok), Garut - West Java - Indonesia

    Orok waterfall has a height of about 45m. Natural attractions are located in the village Cikandang, sub Cikajang, Garut regency of West Java Province.

    The distance from the capital district region Cikajang 5 km, whereas from the Capital District Garut 31 Km. Orok waterfall itself is located at an altitude of 250 m above sea level with the general configuration of hilly land because it is situated at the foot of the mountain Papandayan and land slopes steeply sloping and level of stability and absorption of land in this kawsan good and low abrasion level. This type of soil material that is in the form of a rocky clay and gravel. Orok waterfall has crystal clear water, the smell of normal water and cold temperatures. There is the influence of the season at which time the dry season water discharges less. Dominant flora around the waterfall Orok is a pine tree, papaya and other wild plants. While the fauna found in the area of monkeys and snakes.

    Within this area there are some food and souvenir stalls, which sell handicrafts and household tools. There is a parking lot with an area of 500 m2 with a capacity of 10 buses, 20 cars and 50 motorcycles. There is also an entrance in pretty good shape. In the region there are also 2 pieces of toilet that also functions as locker rooms and a place rinse. In this area there are also a gatehouse security facilities that also serves as a heading the ticket. Road access is available this region along the highway 700 m with 3-5 m wide roads, rural roads along the 200 m, and the path length of the ladder is 200 m. Tourists visiting the waterfall Orok attraction is derived from Garut, Jakarta, Bogor and Jakarta.

    Source: mepow.wordpress.com

    photo by greenindonesia

    photo: neddies.wordpress.com

    photo: blogs.unpad.ac.id

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