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    Curug Citiis, Cipanas - West Java - Indonesia

    Citiis Curug located in the Pasawahan Village, District Tarogong with 30 m2 area and an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. General configuration of the land is generally hilly with a level somewhat steep slope, and soil stability are. Sun shines on average in this area can say is that there are still many shady trees. In the dry season the water flow decreases Curug Citiis. Good environmental quality with a good level of sanitation and landscape quite beautiful. Air pollution is almost absent, but there are water pollution and rubbish left by visitors and the sand miners who worked in the region. Vandalism generally occurs in the rocky areas and also the location curug Citiis.

    Curug administrative boundaries are:
    North: Village Pananjung
    West : Kab. Bandung
    South: Village Pasawahan
    East : Village Rancabango

    Curug water source comes from Mount Guntur has two springs, the hot springs flowing into the region Cipanas, and the cold springs that flow into streams curug Citiis. Activities that can be done include hiking, tracking, enjoy the scenery, camping and photography.

    It is said that this is the place curug meeting of the kings of the whole island of Java. This Citiis Curug name itself comes from the cities, which means cold water because according to the temperature of the surrounding water of this waterfall coldest sewilayah Garut.

    In this area there are three shelters in good condition but there is little vandalism in the shelters, a kiosk in a sufficient condition and is only open on Sundays. This tourism object does not have any accommodation facility or a place of worship. These facilities can be found in the area that is Cipanas +7 km with a 2-hour travel time, whereas the restaurant facility in the district there is only Tarogong.

    Distance from the capital district. Tarogong + 10 km, and from Garut city 15 km. The distance from the nearest station is the nearest township Hamlet Village is located at the foot of Mount Guntur approximately 5 km.
    Access road leading to Curug Citiis has approximately 4 m wide and about 2 km long and wide paths with length 1 m and 4 km. To go to these objects, visitors can use a personal vehicle to the foot of Thunder Mountain, as well as traditional transportation of Cipanas from Garut city.

    Source: infowisata.web.id

    photo: riandiehusaiendihardja.blogspot.com

    photo: riandiehusaiendihardja.blogspot.com

    photo: forclime-photocontest.com

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