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    Curug Malela, West Java - Indonesia

    They said this waterfall is the miniature of Niagara Fall. With 50 meters height and 70 meters length and framed with the green nature of forests and blue sky, this waterfall will absolutely spoil your eyes. It is located at West Bandung, West Java.

    I've been to this place twice. 1st time when this waterfall was raining very hard and caused a huge brown water flow and made us couldn't go down and touch the water. 2nd time when Malela at her best. Very pretty and AMAZING, a mix of green, blue sky and sun shine color.

    Cicadas Village is the nearest village to this waterfall, located on a hill facing the great beautiful Mount Gede Pangrango in the north.

    Malela Waterfall at her best is when the dry season. Where the water flows normally. Usually this would be during the April to October.

    If you want to go there, do it in a group and rent a car. The access is awful.
    Bring map and GPS, if you feel not enough with those technologies ask the people around you about the direction.

    Try to reach the village around sunrise time and see the falling sun shine on the Mount Gede, it's really beautiful. Having breakfast at the local and continue with Motorbike (rent) - off road heading to waterfall. Just enjoy the beautiful view around. The trekking path to waterfall is going down all the way through the lemon grass plants, rice paddies and pine trees. Watch out the slippery muddy path when it rains. Once you reach the waterfall you have to go down to the river and feel the water flash from it, take photos and swim if you want.

    Finish with waterfall, the next trekking is going up all the way to the top and stop at the hut which is the best spot to take photo of the landscape. Having lunch at the hut and take some rest there while enjoying the breeze with pine smell. If you lucky that day is not raining, the sunset is waiting for you for photo sessions with Mount Gede background.

    I went there twice using private car and going in a group by renting a mini bus. There is no specific public transportation going to this place. This place is really in a remote area. Even if you can use the public transportation, it will take you longer to this destination

    Location: Curug Malela, Desa Cicadas, Kecamatan Rongga, Kabupaten Bandung Barat

    1. Jakarta Padalarang Cimareme Batu Jajar Cillin Sindang Kerta Gunung Halu Rongga Desa Cicadas (6 hours)
    2. Bandung - Padalarang Cimareme Batu Jajar Cillin Sindang Kerta Gunung Halu Rongga Desa Cicadas (3 hours)

    The road around Desa Cicadas can only be accessed by a four-wheel-drive-car. You can use motor bike if only you know how to drive on a bumpy-rocky-muddy road. Walking is the best to go here and there around the village.

    Source: exploguide.com

    Source: files.myopera.com

    Source: dthendarwan.files.wordpress.com

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