An amusement rides and family recreation in the evening presented a very interesting week in City of Batu, East Java. An exotic panorama of mountains, where games and rides like a hobby garden lanterns, ghost hunting, the game until the 4-dimensional cinema. Batu Night Spectaculer (BNS) is recreational, exclusive and Spectacular. "All recreational rides and games for the purpose we serve to complement the beauty of the night an increasingly fascinating.

Batu Night Spectaculer (BNS) is a concept of modern entertainment and family recreation in the City of Rock Tour at night. Located on Highway Oro Oro Ombo-200, Village-Oro Oro Ombo, Batu Town.

Any kind of amusement rides at the BNS reserved and can be enjoyed by all ages, from children to adults. Except for special rides up in the middle of the night like Cafe and Live Music. Various rides at the BNS include Carnival and Games Room, Night Market, Food Court, Café and Resto, Circuit Race, Cinema 4 Dimensions, ghost house, Observatory Deck and Lantern Garden. Carnival and Games Room is a kind of entertainment that was already known to the public and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Circuit Racing vehicle
This circuit is intended as a hobby in the automotive and automotive enthusiasts facilitate intended to improve performance. In this racing circuit path paved standard sirkiut, begs the stands for spectators, paddock for the official team riders, the system start and finish with a light and digtal timer, standard lighting circuit, a safety circuit in case of accidents, fires and so on. This circuit can be used for motor sports such as Slalom Test, Drag Race, Road Race and Go Kart.

Then Cinemas 4 Dimensions is one of the four-dimensional movie first and the only one in Malang. Here, visitors not only enjoy the story engrossed in the movie, but can be as though as actors who are in a part of the movie. A sensational experience that can not be obtained in conventional theaters. The area is 256M square cinema, with a capacity of 64 people, while facilities include comfortable rooms with air conditioner, Big Wide Screen with the latest technology 4 dimensions, Moveable Seat for bleachers, Dolby Surround sound system.

While Ghost House, is a scary amusement rides, especially for those who like to test the guts of the world's horror or mystical. In this place able to set up my hair stand up to shudder and to pump adrenaline. Interior of the building transformed into a mystical world that nuance. Ornaments, tools and sophisticated equipment configured in a similar way and feel very creepy with the architects and modern technology. Observatory deck is the place to help visitors enjoy the sights in the City of Rock Tour at night. BNS also provides a special place with very beautiful view, equipped with binoculars that can be used to see the night scenery with more exciting.

Meanwhile, a cluster spacecraft Garden Lantern lamp wrapped in a neat and orderly in the garden. More than 600 lanterns in Indonesia's longest-shaped building is a miniature recreation areas in the world like a miniature Eiffel Tower, Borobudur, Citadel, Animals and so on. Tradition and culture are relatively new in this land known turned out to have a positive appreciation of the community to be enjoyed as a form of entertainment. Here there are many open gardens are decorated by lanterns in various shapes and sizes. BNS also equipped with a room-by Snacks By shopping archipelago.