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    Selorejo Reservoir, Malang - East Java - Indonesia

    Selorejo Reservoir is one of the tourist area in Malang, East Java, which is managed by Perum Jasa Tirta I. The beauty of the reservoir is surrounded by hills and mountains add to the cool air that will be enjoyed by visitors.

    The location, easily accessible, from Stone Town about 25 km or about 48 miles in the Northwest city of Malang, there are at least four mountains that surround the Reservoir Selorejo. Among Mount Arjuna, Mount Kawi, Anjasmoro Mountain, and Mount Kelud Blitar. Numerous hill fort also has a giant pool of water.

    When entering the tourist area which has a total area of ​​approximately 650 hectares, the eye immediately spoiled by the view is captivating. The more convenient for visitors to the reservoir was built in 1962 is also natural to feel the coolness. The cool mountain air. understand, the tourist area is located about 650 meters above sea level (asl).

    The cool temperature of 22 Celsius makes people feel at home there. For you fans of durian, durian Ngantang a warehouse in certain months. Duriannya fruit famous for its special flavor that can not be expressed in words but enjoyed themselves.

    Suspension bridge in the Garden Tour Selorejo be a means to connect a swimming pool with garden tours. For those who have a hobby of healthy walking, jogging lane suspension bridge is a track along the side of the reservoir. Roving Park Selorejo become one of the attractions tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery Selorejo reservoir by means of a boat engine and boat rowing.

    ENJOY also crispness typical local food stalls in the park who are adept at frying tilapia, tilapia, and fish tombro. It is said that the delicacy of fried tilapia and tilapia grilled unmatched by any restaurant.

    You can enjoy a panoramic sunrise and sunset in the shadow of the lake from the window of the cottage rooms where you spend the night. Park acreage Selorejo mountain bikes can be used as an arena for those who enjoyed the challenges and obstacles that are quite heavy. Means of three tires with tennis courts and football fields complete tribune sports facilities in the Garden Tour Selorejo

    Besides scenery Selorejo Park Reservoir, Dam area can be used as an arena Selorejo skiing & jet skiing can be enjoyed by tourists and in 2009 was coupled with a banana boat water sports facilities.

    Cottage built on the edge of the reservoir into the main attraction, the scene looks natural reservoirs when staying at the cottage. Chirping of birds will adorn the morning.

    Swimming pool with water from a clean source of water and fresh water exercise complete comfort. Children's pool & adult swimming pools with international size, just once when used as an arena match pool.

    Source: twselorejomalang.blogspot.com




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