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    Curug Bentang, West Java - Indonesia

    Enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape towards the waterfall. To reach this waterfall from Bandung, you can do with recreational activities such as off-road or motoadventure through a number of interesting routes - some quite extreme.

    For you fans of motoadventure, routes can be selected through Lembang and then at Maribaya. From Maribaya, right in front of the car park, berbeloklah to the left into Highway route Cicalung is quite convenient as asphalt. Arriving at the end of the road you are, then it is done by off-road travel on slippery road up to the summit of Eurad. One hundred and fifty yards from the Peak Eurad, your journey resumes with off-road down the hill to the village.

    Your Arriving in the village, through the gravel road, the journey continues towards Tambaksari plantation. Here you can rest and refuel. After that, continue your journey towards Banceuy Village, the Village of Python, which is one of the traditional village in the district road forked, Subang District. What an exciting trip circuit and you should try, especially for nature lovers and adventure tourism.
    Location: Village Sanca, District Ciater

    photo: jejak-arah.blogspot.com

    photo: totomaster.multiply.com

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