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    Citumang Nature Tourism, West Java - Indonesia

    Nature tourism of Citumang, natural site that has its own charm, the river that flows Citumang split teak forests with clear blue water, the edges of rivers in the ornamental rock decorated with deep hollows and reliefs adorn the natural course of the river enters the cave. The silence of nature you find here. Accompanied by an influx of water and sound of wind blowing through the trees interrupted voice mingles with the forest animals who shouted form a harmonious music of nature, the village is located in the district Bojong citumang Parigi Ciamis The distance is about 15 km west of Pangandaran. About 4 km from the highway Pangandaran - Cijulang. and the distance of the town of Ciamis can travel about 95 km.
    To reach the site can be obtained using bus Transport, followed by ojeg vehicle, followed by walking along the banks of rivers and population planting of 500 meters.

    The other side of Citumang, After entry, less than about 300 meters walk to the site. Citumang name itself comes from a legend about a crocodile that called the si tumang, so the strong local belief in the existence of strains with high crocodile it self attached to the name of the river, another version of the legend citumang derivative the word, Cai (water), numpang (passengers ) that means is a river that flows beneath the ground surface, over time he changed his name to Citumang lovely of the green river of Citumang
    When you encounter a river flow of greenery with green trees on each side, continue your travel a little further up the river, because that is where the cool, clear water and you can enjoy. And we arrived at the destination. The current of the river flowing clear water awaits you to enjoy fresh water.

    At a certain depth, you can enjoy it for bathing and swimming. Five hundred meters from the site pamandian upstream, you discover the charms of nature in the form of river flow Citumang in the bowels of the earth and again downstream. River which flows into the cave was named Taringgul, which later changed its name to Sanghyang Tikoro (God of the throat).
    not only for bathing and swimming, which is often done by foreign and domestic tourism, but you can engage in other activities such as, enjoy the atmosphere along the river, along the cave adventure Sanghyang Tikoro and privacy to enjoy the amidst a beautiful nature, fresh and exotic.

    Just to contribute some cool photos for hunting on the south coast of West Java. Citumang name is a small village on the northwestern village of Pangandaran Ciamis district. For those of you who have a GPS, these coordinates input to guide you to the Citumang location
    Plan your trip for your event 3H/2M optimal hunting and not too tiring. The best time to go to this place is the dry season, the rainy season is usually the sky is always cloudy, also travel to the location of the wet and slippery.
    Point your car toward Pangandaran, of course, you already know. Various types of accommodations were scattered in all of area at Pangandaran, I think you will not be difficult to find accommodation there.

    the morning after breakfast, do not forget to bring supplies for lunch, because there is no restaurant Citumang. Buy a drinking water well enough, because there is no shop on site. Point your car toward the exit is to the town of Pangandaran at Sydney. About 15 km from Pangandaran you will find directions to the right that shows the way to Sydney. Please remember just be slowly with your vehicle after the passage of supplies, because the sign and the entrance road is quite small.

    Citumang beautiful river valleyEntering the small road leading to the Citumang, you can search for objects in the landscape and human interest. Extent of rice fields, rivers, forests, complete all there. Want to make a picture water reflection can but must wait a little twilight. This small road about 15 km long, took about one hour because there are enough bad road segments. Although the road is bad enough, hatchback or city car type vehicles can still enter though a bit risky.

    Arriving at the end of the road (dead end), park your vehicle, contacted the local community, walk towards the bridge, if you’ve never been to the location of the waterfall, a lease is a guide to lead you at the site. The guides are usually paid voluntarily, according to your will. hiking trail from the parking of the cascade Citumang about 800m walk. You will cross the fields, small hills, to reach the site. Arriving at the waterfall you can swim, dive into the roots of trees growing on the ceiling of the cave as high as 5 meters. The water is very fresh, carefully rather slippery stones. After enjoying the scenery Citumang satisfied, do not forget to pass on the west coast of the sea to perpetuate the sunset at the Bulak Laut.clear water of Citumang
    A time to eat the fish market seafood Pangandaran for a good meal before returning to your city, enjoy

    photo: tdipokusumo.files.wordpress.com

    photo by yorah

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