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    Buniayu Cave, Sukabumi - West Java - Indonesia

    Ecotourism is located in the Village area of ​​10ha Kertaangsana, District Nyalindung, Sukabumi. Ecotourism is situated at an altitude of 773m above sea level, the field configuration is generally flat to berbulit. Temperatures between 20-28C.

    Wana This tour consists of a mixture of natural and plantation forests (pine, mahogany, agathis, Kaliandra). Existing water sources in the form of springs that are currently utilized for visitors. Potential visual landscape in the region of interest is the natural caves, natural and plantation forests.

    In addition to daily tours are also used to transform and camping tours. Tourism activities that can be done is to search the cave, picnics, while camping activities are available for multiple camp complex.

    Tracking and mapping Cave Buniayu done for the first time in 1982 by an Indonesia-Dr.RKT speleogiwan Kho, along with several members of the Federation of French nationality crawler De Speleleologie (FFS), namely: George Robert, Arnoult Seveau, Michael Chassier.

    At this time successfully mapped Cipicung Cave (3300m long) and other caves around the Cave Bibijilan (717m), Cave ADNI (635m), Cave stuck (390m), Kubang Lanang (302m), Cave Without a Name (400m) Cave Karsim, Bisoro Cave, Cave Idin, Gede Cave, Cave Kole.

    Cave Buniayu uniqueness and charm with a million new fact discovered by Slim. Jakarta resident who is now a citizen Buniayu. His discovery was accidental, or more confident Slim villagers wanted to prove that statement that says that the cave was haunted. But after exploring the cave turned out to charm a decent save a million sold as a commodity for tourism, which is then managed by Perhutani since 1991.

    According to the story from the mouth of the Cave mouth of the population there Buniayu formerly known as the Demon caves expressed as a haunted place. Because according to them, as the name implies is the cave where all sorts of creatures imitation aka stealth. So people did not dare approach the cave. Who dared to dream that night certainly horrible or sick. However Perhutanioffice assume that this phantom cave as regional tourism asset that must be developed.

    Ecotourism can be achieved with two-or four-wheeled vehicles. Mileage of 26km Sukabumi. Road conditions are generally good and paved. Existing public transportation and a bus to Sagaranten colt.

    Source: okeaja.com

    photo: cavernicoles.files.wordpress.com

    photo: untung09.files.wordpress.com

    photo: untung09.files.wordpress.com

    photo: untung09.files.wordpress.com

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