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    Mekarsari Fruit Park, Bogor - West Java - Indonesia

    Mekarsari Fruit Park is nice place for enjoying the weekend with family or friends was fun. Especially if the holiday is filled with many interesting and fun activities. Not only that, adventures while you study can be worth more, and all of it can you find when visiting the Park Mekarsari, Amazing Tourism Park. Located at JI. Raya Cileungsi – Jonggol Km. 3, Cileungsi, Bogor, making this park we can access only 60 minutes from Jakarta. Various vehicle plants can be found in the fruit garden, located in the area Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java, this. Traveling with him genal various fruit crops. Besides enjoying the fresh fruits, visitors can also try to learn to grow crops. Tickets are fairly cheap would be nice for most visitors who want to enjoy the fruits of fresh fruits ¬ picking their own way.

    With the plant types that amounted to ± 78 family, 400 species & varieties 1438, it is Mekarsari garden of tropical fruit terkomplit in Indonesia, even the most comprehensive in the world for tropical fruits. Visits can start travel around by train to see a collection of existing plants. During the tour we will pass some interesting objects, such as nursery areas, the area of plastic houses, vehicles outbound, vegetable gardens, fishing ponds, fruit trees in pots, garden tours melons, garden salak, rambutan, oranges, jackfruit, starfruit and others. As a vehicle for growth, especially fruits, Mekarsari began to develop and introduce a variety of fruit crops. In this tourist sites visitors can also teach children how to recognize the various plants.

    While Leo’s Tree House located in the middle area Mekarsari give satisfaction for visitors wishing to stay overnight. They can also use the train around the garden that has been provided. Enjoying tourist area covering 264 hectares, visitors can sample chips of various kinds of fruit that can be purchased at Mekarsari. Park Manager Mekarsari offers a variety of exciting programs with complete facilities ranging from fruit picking tours, rides to play in the Kids Fun Valley, outbound tourism to education.

    To follow the activities of such a kit can choose packages that have been provided by management, such as package tours planting, cultivation, garden tours, student packages, corporate packages, camp, outbound, plant tissue culture, entertainment packages and much more . All packages are deliberately designed to make it easier for us to do activities in the tropical fruit orchard in the world’s second largest after Brazil. “For a new vehicle Mekarsari, we are currently developing Water Adventure, located in the lake area of 27.5 hectares, said Indradewi Triratna, Marketing Manager Mekarsari Park. This tour will be enjoyed from Vacation School on June 22, visitors can enjoy various facilities Water attractions include: Giant Bubble, Floating Donuts, around the lake by boat, canoe and aqua bike. If you are interested to visit Mekarsari, immediately schedule your visit. To better provide comfort and satisfaction, you should confirm first by phone, to get enough information about the facilities and time to visit. you might ask, what plants are fruiting, because not all the plants bear fruit any time together. You do not want to be disappointed by seeing plants in Mekarsari without seeing the fruit -hanging fruit. After your visit as a group, would have to confirm first that the time was on the scene, you will feel more comfortable, and certainly you with a division will be led by tour guides sambi I was given an explanation of the existing facilities.

    Source: trieza.com

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    photo: trieza.com

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