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    Pura Suranadi, West Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia

    Pura Suranadi, a complex of three temples located a few kilometres north of Narmada in Suranadi, is the oldest and holiest of the Balinese temples in Lombok, founded by the 16th century Javanese priest, Daqnghyang Nirartha. Underground streams bubble up into restored baths, used for ritual bathing. Locally, Suranadi is regarded as the place to obtain the proper holy water for Hindu cremations. Huge sacred eels live in the pools and streams here, and can sometimes be lured out with an offering of boiled eggs (purchased at a nearby stall). To see a sacred eel is considered very lucky! The eels are considered holy and it is taboo to eat them or to contaminate their water.

    photo by RizaL Mukhtar

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