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    Poncan Gadang Island, Sibolga - North Sumatra - Indonesia

    Poncan Gadang Island is a beautiful island near Sibolga city with a nice star rated hotel. The hotel here offers many water sports activities, including diving trips, and a relaxing atmosphere, and a nice view towards the Sibolga waterfront.

    There is a hill behind the resort with nice views and a Japanese made cave, not yet explored. The drawback is its closeness to Sibolga making the water less inviting. They arrange tours to their island of Mursala Island, Putih (White) Island, where there are five bungalows. In this resort, diving equipment is available.

    Thing to Do: Swimming, Fishing, Scuba Diving, Snorkling, Sun Bathing, Water Skiing, Speed Boat Trips, Power Boating, Taking Photo, Jungle Trekking, Camping, etc
    Getting There: Take Ferry from Belawan Seaport (2 hours crossing Malacca Straits)

    Source: toursumatra.com

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    Poncan Gadang Island Map

    Poncan Gadang Island Video

    Video by: rickynelsonak
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