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    Museum of Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam - Indonesia

    Museum of Aceh, located on Jl Sultan Alaidin Mahmud Syah, is a tourist attraction that should be visited to know the culture of Aceh in the past.

    In this museum there are old-fashioned items such as ceramics, weaponry and other cultural objects such as traditional costumes, jewelry, calligraphy, household equipment and others.
    The most interesting museum collection is a large bell bell named Chakra Donya which was a gift from the Chinese Emperor to the Sultan of Aceh are delivered by Admiral Cheng Ho in 1414. In this museum complex there is a house built by Aceh Governor Van Swart Dutch in 1941.

    The house was built without using a single nail serves as a museum containing old stuff. Previously, the home of Aceh was never brought to Semarang for the exhibition on August 13 through August 15, 1915. Inside the museum complex there are also buildings used for exhibitions of art or culture, especially regarding Aceh. In the west of the building a museum or on the north Acehnese traditional house of the tomb complex contained the sultan of Aceh and his descendants.

    photo: anjiesmis-adventures.blogspot.com


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    The Museum Negeri Aceh, popular known as Banda Aceh Museum or Aceh State Museum

    The Museum Negeri Aceh, popular known as Banda Aceh Museum or Aceh State Museum is one of the oldest museums in Indonesia, comprising an old traditional building (1914) and a new building (1974). The old building is actually a traditional Acehnese stage house or Rumoh Aceh with a typical kitchen, a living area, and other customary Acehnese pieces. Meanwhile, the new building features many collections of archaeological and ethnographic items from Aceh, as well as the history of Islam and local freedom fighters. If you wish to know more about the Acehnese and their culture, Banda Aceh Museum is the place to be.

    A visit to this beautifully designed, hard-hitting museum commences with a walk through a dark, dripping tunnel that symbolizes the 2004 tsunami waves. This is followed by a powerful set of images of the devastation projected from tombstone-like receptacles, and a circular chamber engraved with the names of the lost. Upstairs a very graphic short film is shown, along with photographs of loss, displacement, rebuilding, hopefulness and reunited families.

    Other displays explain how earthquakes and tsunamis are created and how Aceh’s landscape was altered by the disaster (look out for the ‘before’ and ‘after’ scale models of the city).

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