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    Cilember waterfall, Bogor - West Java - Indonesia

    Cilember waterfall located in Bogor. Precisely located in the Village Jogjogan Cisarua District, 20 km from Bogor. When driving a car from Jakarta can be reached within 1.5 hours.

    This tourist attraction is its natural coolness that feels fresh and natural. Once the area near waterfall Cilember ecotourism, you can already feel the feel of coolness and freshness, the sound of flowing water, coupled with beautiful natural scenery.

    Natural friendliness, with orchid flowers so fascinating either natural or the result of cross contributed to welcome you on arrival here. You can witness the beauty of 12 species of butterflies in the flower garden. Animals were preserved and properly maintained.

    Here there is also a butterfly breeding lab that will complement your knowledge about the butterfly fauna of various kinds. In addition, we provide a Camping Ground, for you who want to rest before continuing the journey to the main object Cilember waterfall.

    For those of you who want to spend the night here, available lodging facilities that are among the pine trees that shade. One of the objects of interest here is the presence of seven (7) consecutive waterfall with crystal clear water, fresh river flows down to Cilember, Cisarua. Everything we enjoy a walk up on the sidelines of pine trees. To get to the waterfall is the seventh time it took approximately 3 hours on foot.

    For those of you who have a hobby of hiking and tracking, after passing the seventh waterfall before you can continue the adventure by climbing the pine forest. You can see the beauty in a very natural pine forest. What a wonderful experience unforgettable. Encourage your family to witness the beauty of the waterfall Cilember.

    Source: puncakview.com

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    sharing will be helpful, please give me some advice on the best time of year to get to this place?

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