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    Learning toMake Batik on Wooden Puppet , Krebet - Yogyakarta

    The Village of Krebet, Learning to Make Batik on Wooden Puppet


    Puppet can originate from the idea of Sunan Kudus who spread Islam to Java Island, but current forms of puppet are not just based on the ones developed by the pioneer. Wayang klithik, for example, is a kind of puppet made from wood that was developed late after Sunan Kudus time.

    Since 1970s, Krebet village becomes one of the pioneers that developed wooden handicrafts by adopting the form of wayang klithik. Not long after the time, around the year 1992, existed new innovation combining the puppet handicraft with classic batik pattern in the village. The surface of the puppet is not plain anymore, but is decorated a la Yogyakarta Kingdom.

    Now, after more than ten years this batik puppet was developed in Krebet Village, the production can be learned. You can reserve tour ticket to visit the village that includes the package of learning the batik puppet making. Of course, you will learn the process of the batik making only, since it takes longer time to produce the puppet.

    The process of batik making can be seen and learned in other places, but making batik on puppet will give you different sensation. The process of batik making on this medium requires carefulness since the pattern is made manually instead of printed like making batik on other media.


    Other sensation, the patterns you learn while making batik in this village are classic Kingdom patterns such as parangrusak, parangbarong, kawung, garuda, sidomukti, sidorahayu and tens other patterns. Thanks to those patterns, the batik puppet handicraft in this village is famous in foreign markets.

    In fact, the facilities of batik learning in this village are simple and no instructors who can speak foreign languages. Nonetheless, by observing the craftsmen who make puppet and batik will give you sufficient knowledge to start making batik. You can also choose the batik pattern you are going to make.

    In order to enjoy the learning of puppet batik making, you should spend around IDR 200,000. Apparently, it seems expensive, but you enjoy other things in addition to puppet making. During your tour, you will stay a night in local people's house without additional charge.

    To reach Krebet village, please take Jalan Bantul. There are some alternatives to take, for instance by passing Kasongan village or turn right after the Great Mosque of Bantul. You have to prepare your personal vehicle or contact your travel agent since there is no public transportation to reach this place.

    In addition to learning making batik puppet, you can learn climbing coconut tree and taking the nira or the substance to make palm sugar. You will also enjoy a package of going around teakwood forest on a jeep. When you get tired, you can enjoy special menu of the village, namely lodeh (mixed vegetable curry), gudeg manggar (flowers of coconut trees cooked sweet), tempe garit (salt, fried soybean), peyek (crackers with peanuts on it) and wedang legen (beverage made from the substance of coconut flowers as main material to make palm sugar).

    Text: Yunanto Wiji Utomo

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