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    Zoology Museum, Bogor - West Java - Indonesia

    If you want or happen to visit the city of Bogor rain, do not miss to visit Bogor Zoological Museum, located at Jalan Ir. H. No. Juanda. 9. As the name implies, this museum is a museum associated with the animal world. This museum has a collection of diverse fauna are preserved. Variety of colorful fauna is silent motionless in the museum with their own beauty. Preservation of fauna is intended for education and knowledge. At first the museum was founded as the Laboratory of Zoology to provide a forum research related to agriculture and animal pests.

    According to the ink scratches history, this museum stands on the idea of a botanist named Dr. Koningsberger JC who was visiting the city of Bogor in August 1894 and in the same year, the museum was built and completed in 1901 and was named Landbouw Zoologisch Museum. But for one reason or another, especially because of the political upheaval during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, the museum had changed its name several times. In the year 1945-1947 this museum bears the name of the Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense and until now the name continued in use, then often referred to as a Bogor Zoological Museum.

    You will be amazed with the collection of millions of specimens consisting of tens of thousands of species of fauna of different types. Among 650 species of mammals (nursing), 1100 species of birds that come various regions in Indonesia, 600 species of reptiles and fish, mollusks which consists of 2300 species, 10,000 species of insects and 700 species of Invertebrate other.

    Source: indonesia.travel

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