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    Cibaduyut Shoes, Bandung - West Java - Indonesia

    Shop at the famous shoe shopping in Bandung City, Cibaduyut Region. This area is already developed and is known for a long time. Not only in Bandung, the area is also well known to the outside of the city. Some employers even had time to get orders from abroad. This illustrates the quality of shoes Cibaduyut equivalent products of other nations. In addition to footwear products, Cibaduyut Region is also famous for leather products, such as jackets, bags, belts, and other types of accessories.

    Shoes made ​​Cibaduyut actually been widely used in various circles. Only, if you wear the label "Made in Cibaduyut", hardly a lot of takers. Consumers prefer shoes with foreign brands that sound more trendy and up to date. In fact, the shoes with the famous brand in reality, many are made ​​here.

    Source: disparbud.jabarprov.go.id

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    Video by: SepatuCibaduyut

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