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    Indonesian Postal Museum, Bandung - West Java - Indonesia

    Indonesian Postal Museum is present since the time of the Dutch East Indies, precisely in 1933 under the name Museum PTT (Post Telegraph and Telephone) and occupies the lower right-wing office building PTT. The building was constructed on July 27, 1920 with an area of ​​706 m2 and designed by architect Ir. J. Berger and Leutdsgebouwdienst with Italian Renaissance architectural style as a place to collect stamps from various countries.

    As one of the Housing Technical Implementation Unit of Post and Giro, museum Pos and Giro collected some objects that have historical value in the course of Companies Pos Indonesia since the Dutch East Indies, the Japanese occupation, independence, until now, either in the form of photographs, models, paintings , catalogs and other postal equipment.

    Along with travel and the development of the postal company, as of June 20, 1995 the company changed the name and status of the General Company of Post and Giro into PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero), then the name of the Museum of Post and Giro was turned into a museum Pos Indonesia. The role and functions undertaken by Indonesian Postal Museum as a place next is in addition to the collection, also includes the function of a means of research, education, documentation, information services, as well as a special attraction.

    Pos Indonesia Museum opened to the public free of charge every day starting at 09:00 to 16:00 pm except national holidays.

    Source: bandungtourism.com

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