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    Dago Pakar - Juanda Forest Park - West Java - Indonesia

    one more tourist attraction offered parahyangan earth for you. Is Tahura aka Forest Park Ir.H. Juanda. But there are many people who called Dago Pakar, is only fair because of its location it is the region Dago, precisely Mount Expert.
    Do not be surprised if there was we always find some caves. Well this is what makes Dago Pakar different from other tourist attractions. But of course there's always a story behind the emergence of a tourist attraction. As Tahura H. Juanda that has a value history of the formation of caves throughout the region.
    Based on information obtained from various sources of history, the caves are located in Tahura H. Juanda was built in colonial times.

    So here also there are caves and cave Dutch Japanese. The names of the cave is taken based on years of development which along with the occupation of both countries are in the Indonesian occupiers.
    From the information contained tourist location, Netherlands Cave was built in early 1941, the first tunnel is used for hydropower. Not only that, the Dutch East Indies army radio station building telecommunications network in the form of a cave in the hills of sandy tuff for the interest of its operations. Why choose Bukit Pakar Netherlands also yes? Is because the hills Expert is a region very attractive to the military strategy the Dutch East Indies at that time, the location is very sheltered and close to downtown, it is clear as one that fits.
    As in the national history that during the period leading up to independence of Indonesia, the Dutch occupation eventually be taken over by the Japanese.

    So in early 1942 the Japanese to build a cave for the sake of defense which is also the hill region of Experts, until now called the Japanese cave. Cave development is done by native labor force tenege, known as Romusha.
    Experience a trip to Tahura H. Juanda to obtain a separate color for us, because not only the natural beauty of the hills that are lush with tall trees, but also an unforgettable experience of history to the present. Access to the area through which even this offers the impression and feel of the road Dago (Ir.H.Juanda) are famous throughout the week is always crowded with young community.
    If you want to get two different things in one package tour, then Tahura is the proper place and will provide both tourist as well as educational history, extraordinary ...

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