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    Mount Halimun - Salak National Park, West Java - Indonesia

    Mt. Halimun – Salak National Park is a wet land. Annual rainfall ranges from 4000-6000 mm, with dry months of less than 3 months between May to September. Monthly temperature ranges from 19.7 to 31.8 ° C, and average humidity of 88%. Representative ecosystem types lowland rain forest, sub-montane forest and montane forest in Java. Mt. Halimun – Salak National Park are located in mountainous terrain with few rivers and waterfalls, which is the protection of hydrological functions in Bogor Regency, Lebak, and Sukabumi.

    Some plants that dominate the forests in the Mt. Halimun – Salak National Park, among others, "Puspa" (Schima wallichii) "Rasamala" (Altingia excelsa) and "Jamuju" (Dacrycarpus imbricatus). About 75 species of orchids found in this national park and some types of which are rare species such as Bulbophylum binnendykii, B. angustifolium, ensifolium Cymbidium and Dendrobium macrophyllum. Mt. Halimun – Salak National Park has 204 species of birds and 35 species endemic to Java, including "Elang Jawa" (Spizaetus bartelsi).

    In addition there are two bird species that is endangered bird “cica matahari” (Crocias albonotatus) and “poksay kuda” (Garrulax rufifrons). Mt. Halimun – Salak National Park as home of several species of mammals such as leopards (Panthera pardus weld), "owa" (Hylobates moloch), Deer (Muntiacus muntjak muntjak), "Ajag" (Cuon alpinus javanicus) and "Surili" (Presbytis Comata Comata). With a wet climate, this national park is the fountain of several rivers that flow is never dry all year, and eight beautiful waterfalls and the potential for nature tourism activities / recreation. This national park has facilities canopy trail to walk from tree to tree, observing bird life and other wildlife that live in tree canopies.Some locations to be visited are Cimantaja waterfall, Piit waterfall , Cipamulaan waterfall, Cihanyawar waterfall, Citangkolo waterfall.

    Cultural attractions around the park a “Seren Taun” ceremony in July. The ceremony was held at Kasepuhan Banten Kidul with traditional art performances, ranging from art which is endangered, such as “Debus”, big angklung and other Sundanese arts. The best visiting season in June to August. The location can be reach by different route such as route from Bogor/Sukabumi to Parungkuda and through Kabandungan, 50 km (aprox 1.5 hours), or from Bogor to Cisangku about 50 km (aprox 2.5 hours), and other route from Rangkasbitung-Bayah-Ciparay, 186 km (aprox 6 hours).

    Source: nationalparkadventure.info

    photo by agus sartono

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