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    Karang Nini Beach, West Java - Indonesia

    Karang Nini is a recreation park on a limestone ridge with a lookout tower from which you have a beautiful view over the bay and peninsula.

    At Karang Nini beach we can feel the freshness of teak forest and the scenery of Indonesia blue sea with background Kambangan Island where spread out of coral reef.

    One of the coral reefs is looking like a grandmother where Nini in sundanese language means grandmother pursuant to the legend of the loyalty of grandmother until forming a reef which is now called Karang Nini, there also many rare floras and faunas in this area.

    This beach is very interesting tourist resort, where a combination between beautiful natures and cool climate will makes your family vacation gratifying.

    Parking area, Gazebo, Souvenir stall, and Toilet

    Source: westjavatourism.info

    photo by Priyono

    photo by Fadhila Utami

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    Photo by: disparbud.jabarprov.go.id

    Video by: GoodInfoYouNeed
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