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    Wamena - Papua - Indonesia

    Wamena is the regency's capital of Baliem , it is 45 minutes flight from Jayapura and it is the only town in the valley. In this small town , you'll view extraordinary mixture of culture and customes - of Dani tribesmen, Minangs, Javanese, Ambonese. Wamena's market, bustling with farmers selling produce, it the town's premier attraction. There are statues of Dani warriors here, ***** gourds pointing proudly upward. This town is a Dani's handicrafts marketing center. Restaurant here are run by Javanese and Sumatrans.

    Wamena is surrounded by native villages of the Dani. Nearest villages may be reached on foot are Wauma, Sinatma, where the rope hanging bridge is and Wesaput. More interesting villages, away from Wamena, are Aikima, Suroba amd Jiwika.These villages may all be visited in one day. At Sopahima, Jiwika neighborhood a preserved 250 years old mummy can be seen.

    Source: travellingtoindonesia.com

    photo: timikoleksiku.blogspot.com

    photo: ggpht.com

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