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    Curug Cipendok Waterfall, Banyumas - Central Java - Indonesia

    Waterfall behind the ferns kehijaun this cold came. Wet, soft, white, and translucent. Luckily the water discharge is receding because of drought, so this waterfall can be approached at this close distance without water splashed.

    Usually at a distance like this, visitors have to wear an umbrella or raincoat, because splashing waterfalls reaching up to a distance of 500 meters. The enchanting scenery at an altitude of 700 meters on the slopes. This waterfall Cipendok.

    Located about 15 miles west of Navan Town, Cipendok waterfall located in the village of Middle Reef, District Cilongok, Banyumas. Smooth entrance to the waterfall area. Left and right along the road, the fertility of agricultural lands extend to the foot of the hill.

    Admission price of six thousand dollars, inclusive of accident insurance. For those who have the guts, swimming in the pool will not be missed. A group of young men for example. They dare to swim up close to the center terjun.Padahal water depth reaches 25 meters with cold temperatures below 20 degrees centigrade.


    photo: sisteminovasi.files.wordpress.com

    photo: rianiagus.us

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