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    Batu Raden, Banyumas - Central Java - Indonesia

    Batu Raden is one of the mainstay attractions in Banyumas, Central Java. Since 1928, Batu Raden mountains known as a tourist attraction. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of natural scenery and the cool mountain air with a temperature between 18 C-25 C. In good weather conditions and sunny, view of the City Navan, Nusakambangan, and Cilacap coast can be seen clearly from the top Batu Raden.

    Batu Raden located in the south at the foot of Mount Slamet altitude of about 640 meters above sea level. Location attractions is located on the north and is about 14 km from the City Navanatural scenery n, Banyumas, Central Java Province, Indonesia.

    To get to the location, visitors can use a private vehicle and public transport. From Navan town trips can be taken within 15 minutes. Visitors can use the public transport of Kebondalem terminal Navan towards tourist sites Batu Raden.

    In lokawisata Batu Raden there are a number of facilities can enjoyed, namely: Swimming pool and hot showers There are plenty of accommodation and facilities available at the tourist attraction Batu Raden is, is as follows:

    Batu travel around Raden there are several villas, guesthouses, homestays and hotels. (Happy Susanto)

    photo: wisatadijawa.blogspot.com

    photo: desnaputra-journey.blogspot.com
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    Baturraden is Central Java’s most outstanding resort, approximately 14 kms north of Purwokerto, an administrative town in the southern of Java island. It is occupies a fine site on the slopes of Mount Slamet, 650 m above sea level, feel the coolness air, nice gardens, pines forest, hot springs, ponds and bungalow-style hotels.
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