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    Museum Batik, Pekalongan - Central Java - Indonesia

    You want to know and to learn more about batik? In this museum you can see various kinds of batik from time to time. We can observe the development of batik began the Dutch, the Japanese influence during the second world war with Hokokai Javanese motifs, there is also a Javanese batik, especially from outside Sumatra stout influenced by Islamic culture are motifs that resemble the look of Arabic script calligraphy.

    Collection of this museum is quite interesting, we can see the antique batik reaches more than 100 years old. There is also a encim kebaya worn by Chinese women in Indonesia. There are still many other interesting collection that you can see in this museum

    Indonesian Batik Museum building, built by utilizing the former City Hall building Pekalongan. The building was reformed into the Museum Batik Indonesia, because the buildings including the old-fashioned, which is built in the Dutch colonial era. In it, there are several spacious rooms with doors and large windows, so it feels very high historical nuance.

    Please visit to Museum Batik Pekalongan. The location is very easy to reach with a variety of vehicles or public transportation. Located in an area near the roundabout Jatayu Diponegoro Pekalongan City. This area is also a symbol of harmony between religious Pekalongan a terbina very good.

    In addition to Museum Batik Pekalongan Mosque stood against the background of the Catholic Church Pekalongan. Around this area also stands the Protestant Church and followers of Tri Dharma temples. Likewise with Pekalongan batik style is heavily influenced combination or blending elements of local, Arabic, Chinese, and Dutch. It's a cultural heritage that is priceless. Come with us to preserve and empower.

    Do not worry, the museum was not only a place of collection only. Foundation which manages, in addition to maintaining, will also provide sales of various products batik from Pekalongan.

    Source: batikpekalongan.wordpress.com

    photo: sisteminovasi.files.wordpress.com

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