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    Visiting Coban Sriti in Lumajang


    Coban Sriti is one of the recommended waterfalls when on vacation in Lumajang. Coban Sriti's altitude is not yet certain, but it is estimated to have a height of about 120 meters. The scenery around Coban Sriti is very beautiful in the form of cliffs - high cliffs are reddish-brown with overgrown with green moss and lush green trees around it. Coban Sriti is no less beautiful than other waterfalls in Lumajang that are popular such as Tumpak Sewu waterfall and Kapas Biru waterfall.

    Coban Sriti' water source comes from the tributary of Besukbang River or Lengkong River which is famous for having a strong flow of water. Activities that can be done by tourists after arriving at the tourist location is to enjoy the waterfalls are so heavy, but it is highly recommended not to try under the splash of the waterfall.

    Attractions of Coban Sriti

    1. Panorama view of Coban Sriti
    The atmosphere around this waterfall is amazing, cool, and fresh. The rocky cliffs that surround with upright soaring into the sky are very pampering to the eye that looks. This waterfall is named Sriti because of its location just below Mount Kukusan Sriti. But there are also those who call it Coban Wolu because to get here must cross eight rivers. The word "Wolu" itself is the Javanese language that means eight.

    2. Capture photo moments
    In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, the location of Coban Sriti Waterfall or also called Coban Wolu is filled with scenery that is very worthy to be posted on your social media.

    The route to Coban Sriti

    Coban Sriti is located at the address Jogokereng, Tamanayu, Pronojiwo, Lumajang Regency, East Java. To get to Coban is taken from two directions, can be from Lumajang Regency or from Malang Regency. If from Malang about 42 km or about 1.5 hours. Can be reached using private vehicles or public transportation, with good road construction smooth, winding, up and down. The route to get to Coban Sriti location if the initial departure from Lumajang city center can be through Lumajang - Malang, then continue on the track until Pronowijo. From the main entrance of Coban Sriti to the waterfall location, it takes about 15 minutes.
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