Pringsewu is one of regencies in South Lampung that has a lot of tourism potential, both natural and non-natural potentials have been developed in such a way, so that now it has become an attractive tourist destination and is a pity to miss. Each tourist location has its own charm that shows its characteristics.

That way it is necessary for you to know what are the interesting tourist destinations to visit in Pringsewu, so that later it can be useful if you want to explore while in Lampung. The following is several tourist attractions in Pringsewu that are favorites visited by tourists:

1. Bukit Tursina
2. Bukit Pangonan
3. Bukit BLT (Blitarejo)
4. Bukit PJR (Panjarejo)
5. Way Sekampung dam
6. Podorejo tree house
7. Gupit lake
8. Curug 7 Pagelaran Utara waterfall