With a location in the middle of the Java Sea, Bawean Island is part of Gresik Regency. The island, which is located 80 miles or 120 km from Gresik, saves a million exotic tourism. Including a number of white sandy beaches around the island, hot spring tours, waterfalls, Lake Kastoba, to Noko Island which you can explore on foot at low tide. The attraction is when the sea water recedes, travelers can walk around the island while enjoy the brunt of the small waves and the sea breeze. Around the island in the middle of sea is full of views of coral reefs and shrubs. In addition to relaxing on the beach, tourists can do snorkeling activities, but the facilities and infrastructure for snorkeling equipment must be provided by tourists personally.

In addition, there is the Bawean deer (Axis kuhli), an endemic species that is used as a mascot for Gresik Regency. To get here, you can take a private maritime express boat, or the ASDP Gili Iyang ship. Come to this island and see for yourself its beauty.