Pancur Beach is one beach that has incredible charm on Java Island. Pancur Beach lies in the Alas Purwo National Park (TNAP; Taman Nasional Alas Purwo) of Banyuwangi kept it awake and still look natural.

To get to Pancur Beach, take approximately 8 hours to get to Banyuwangi City. Then go along about 2 hour trip to the Alas Purwo National Park. From the entrance of Alas Purwo National Park (Rowobendo) entrance road approximately 30 minutes to get to Pancur post. From Pancur post, the vehicle is parked, sign the guest book then walk a while to get to Pancur Beach.

Pancur Beach presents a beautiful scenery with smooth white sand beach. It lies in the south of Java Island to make waves on the beach is quite large. Like most of the South coast of Java Island on this beach visitors are advised not to swim because of its huge waves.

Pancur Beach is clean beaches because it is located far from human settlements. Garbage here is rubbish from nature such as twigs and leaves. The plastic waste is only carried by the waves to the coast.

In the beach areas also include a spring or pond called Sendang Pancur. The flow of this spring formed like a small waterfall and flowing onto the beach. Thus forming a small stream that leads directly to the sea.

On the afternoon in Pancur Beach gave time to see the sunset. With such beauty in Pancur Beach will be complete with treats sunset views.