For those who would like to enjoy a marine tour, Marina Boom Beach in Banyuwangi, East Java, is offering a tour package with the majestic Magia II yacht from Italy, which is docked at the beach. While enjoying yourself and relaxing on the yacht, you can marvel at Banyuwangi’s enchanting marine ecosystem.

The Magia II is a four-deck yacht offering an entirely new holiday experience. Different from a traditional hotel stay, the yacht’s cabins offer an ocean view. The yacht, capable of accommodating 10 guests, features one master cabin balcony, one VIP cabin and one double cabins. The yacht also comprises a jacuzzi that can be enjoyed while beholding the beauty of the ocean, with the Bali island landscape as a backdrop. You can also enjoy dinner or lunch in the middle of the ocean.

The Magia II also helps transport tourists from Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, Raja Ampat in West Papua, Banda Islands in Maluku, as well as Pulau Komodo in East Nusa Tenggara to Banyuwangi and back through the sea route. The yacht also offers various staying and holiday packages to various destinations, such as Raja Ampat, Pulau Komodo, Lombok and Pulau Banda.

An Italian man owns the yacht and its management offers the Banyuwangi administration an opportunity to work together on a marine tourism project. As a backgrounder, Marina Boom Beach, which is not far from the Banyuwangi city center, is being developed into an integrated maritime tourism area by state-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) III through its subsidiary PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia.

The Banyuwangi beach itself has always been crowded by people on leisure excursions. People often enjoy various types of outdoor sports activities in the area, which has various facilities such as a yacht club, boatyard and floating pontoon.

“The Magia II yacht is a happy addition to our holiday amenities and has become part of our heavily segmented tourism package in Banyuwangi,” said Banyuwangi Tourism Agency head MY Bramuda. He added that with the inclusion of the marine tourism attraction in Banyuwangi with the docking of the Magia II yacht, the Banyuwangi administration has become even more optimistic about the future of tourism in the town, popularly called the Bumi Blambangan, referring to a kingdom that used to rule the place.

The docking of the Magia yacht has given more reason to be hopeful about the future of tourism. “This has further boosted our spirit as we advance Banyuwangi’s tourism. Our tourist sector has slowly reopened itself to tourists, with strict health safety protocols in place in each of our tourism facilities,” he said. “Furthermore, the Magia II ship also transports tourists to interesting diving spots where they can enjoy the panorama underneath the ocean,” he added. Meanwhile, Magia II yacht management representative Okki Soebagio said the yacht was interested in opening a new route in Banyuwangi because the tourist industry there had demonstrated tremendous growth. “Especially with the operation of a new dock on Boom Marina Beach,” he said.

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