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    Plaosan Temple, Amazing Twin Temple in Central Java

    If we are in Sewu Temple, about one kilometer to the east there is another temple called Plaosan Temple. This temple was built by the sixth king of the ancient Mataram kingdom, Rakai Pikatan, for one of his queens named Pramudyawardani.

    The local people usually call this temple which is located in Dukuh Plaosan, Bugisan Village, Prambanan District, Klaten Regency, Central Java as the twin temples. The name Twin Temple is not without reason. When viewed from a distance, in the Plaosan Temple Complex there are two almost identical temples. However, when viewed closely, there is a very significant difference between the two temples. To distinguish the two temples, they are named Plaosan Lor Temple and Plaosan Kidul Temple respectively.

    Plaosan Lor Temple is about 21 meters high with the entrance to the west. In the middle of the temple, there is a courtyard equipped with a pavilion with three altars on its sides.

    Meanwhile, the Plaosan Kidul temple building is not much different from the Plaosan Lor temple. Has the same height, there is also a page in the middle. But what distinguishes it, Plaosan Kidul Temple is surrounded by 8 small temples which are divided into 2 levels. Each level consists of 4 small temples. In addition, there are many carvings of plants at the entrance of Plaosan Kidul Temple.

    According to some experts, Plaosan Temple has different characteristics when compared to several other temples in Yogyakarta. The terrace of the Plaosan temple looks smooth when compared to other temples that were built at about the same time. This then led to the assumption that Plaosan Temple used to function as a storage place for canonical manuscripts belonging to Buddhist priests.

    Apart from that, one of the highlights of Plaosan Temple is its dense and exotic form of temple. therefore, this place is often used as a picture of puppet characters by photographers.

    Source: https://www.indonesiakaya.com/
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