Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a must-try for families visiting Jakarta or anyone looking to schedule one day in their city holiday plan to appreciate the rich arts and cultural diversity of the whole Indonesian islands. Itís one of the most unique amusement parks in the world and offers a great break away from the hectic metropolitan scenes.

To Get There

Located in East Jakarta, one of the easiest ways to reach the park via public transportation is by bus. The Transjakarta bus route 7D, TMII-Cawang UKI, stops right at the gates of the park. Passengers can take the bus from its first stop, the interchange bus stop Cawang UKI, which is situated right in front of the Indonesian Christian University (UKI) in East Jakarta. TMII is open every day from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m., however, museums and architectural displays and some other destinations close at 4 pm.

Explore Park

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah spans 1.5 square kilometers and is basically a condensed version of the country, giving a glimpse into the cultural heritage in the form of architectural displays of traditional houses, as well as costumes, flora and fauna. In the center of the park is the Archipelago Lake, which hosts man-made islands in the shape of Indonesia's own major islands as would be seen on a map. Around the lake are the clusters of anjungan (platforms), displaying traditional houses representing each province in the country, such as a Minangkabau house from West Sumatra, Toraja's Tongkonan from South Sulawesi and the signature carvings of traditional Balinese architecture.


- Pack sunscreen and a hat for sun protection
- Spare a whole day to explore the entire park