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    Jatimalang Beach, Purworejo - Central Java - Indonesia

    The beach is located in District Jatimalang Purwodadi, Purworejo regency, Central Java, which has the natural beauty of the beach combined with the natural mountain asrinya be reliable for the county's attractions. The road to the location of this attraction is quite good and wide and paved making it easier for tourists to relax while enjoying a beautiful, beautiful natural scenery and asrinya beaches and mountains in the area. location of this attraction about 18 miles south of town Purworejo with area about 200 hectares.

    Around the outskirts of this beach has been built gazebo by the Government Purworejo for a place to rest the tourists who visit this site.

    Ease of access to a paved road to the beach that causes a lot of local tourists to visit this attraction to relax with family.

    Source: bloggerpurworejo.com

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