This destination called Radesa, offers interesting photo spots to a variety of rides that you can try. The tourism village which is located in Klurahan hamlet, Tuntang village, Tuntang district, Semarang Regency has a different appeal compared to other destinations. Although it is fairly new because it was only soft launched on July 19, 2020, many tourists are eyeing this destination. The view of Rawa Pening complete with a replica of the Eiffel Tower made of bamboo is the main attraction of this natural tour.

The swamp in which there is a replica of the Eiffel Tower has a height of 38 meters with a width of 12.5 meters. In addition to beautifying the tourist scenery, Didik Setiawan's masterpiece made of bamboo also received an award certificate from the World-Indonesia Achievement Institute as a Miniature Eiffel Tower on the Largest Swamp of Bamboo.

Apart from interesting views, Radesa Wisata also offers various kinds of activities that you can do while traveling. You can take a boat around the swamp for IDR 15,000 per person, take a banana boat that costs IDR 25,000 to ride a floating duck ride to get the best results for your photo gallery.

You are only charged Rp.10,000 per person for the entrance ticket. However, this price will change to IDR 15,000 after the grand opening which will be held in mid-August. Radesa Wisata is open from 08:00 to 17:00 WIB. After the grand opening, this destination is planned to be open until 21:30 WIB.

Those are some information related to Radesa Wisata, a new destination in Semarang which will soon have its grand opening in mid-August. Make sure to stay informed about the next update. Because it is in the middle of a swamp, the best time to visit here is morning and evening.

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