Pindul Cave is located in Bejiharjo village in Gunungkidul district, Yogyakarta Province. This cave was opened for public in 2010. The name "Pindul" comes from a legend saying that there was a boy named Joko Singlulung looking for his father in the cave and hit his head in this cave. "Pindul" is derived from "pipi kejendul", javanese for "hitting your cheek".

This cave is very beautiful for there are many crystal-white stalactites and stalagmites. One of which is called the "Stalactite Gong", if you hit it it will sound like a gong (javanese instrument). At the end of the cave is a large space with an opening above which makes this place very exotic with the sunlight coming through from above.

You can go cave tubing here using old tires. The stream of the water in this cave is calm so it is safe for children as well. Along the way you will see several natural paintings made by bats and you will get an explanation by the guide. If you want to stay overnight, there are homestays available as well.

Opening hours
It's opened daily from 8am to 4pm but the best time to visit is around 9am-10am.

Transport options Pindul Cave
You can use either private or rented vehicle from Yogyakarta to Wonosari. As you arrived in Wonosari, head to Karangmojo and turn left on Argopolitan crossroad. Follow the way until you get in Bejiharjo village.

If you want to take public transportation, take a Yogya-Wonosari bus for IDR 6,000. From Wonosari, you can take an 'gojek' (driver online) to Bejiharjo village. You need to pay IDR 10,000-20,000.