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    Silangit Waterfall, Purworejo - Central Java - Indonesia

    Some areas in Purworejo have potential tourism assets to be developed. One object of untapped potential is the waterfall located in the area Silangit Kaligesing precisely in the hamlet village Jeketro Kaligono.

    Location Silangit waterfall is very easy to reach, because it is not far from the edge of the highway Kaligesing. Way there can be reached by public transport or private vehicles. If using public transport, can use public transportation majors Purworejo-Kaligesing the terminal angkotnya behind Baledono Market. Of terminals is down in Palpitu then walk about 15-30 minutes to the right which is also the path leading to the Goa tourism Seplawan. Location Silangit waterfall can ask the locals. Because in the area there are also many houses.

    As for users of two-wheeled vehicle or four wheels, the vehicle can be parked in the courtyard houses around that are often used as a parking lot by the visitors. From the location of the parking lot to the location of the waterfall can be reached more or less about 15 minutes.

    One attraction is the waterfall Silangit because it has 3 levels waterfall waterfall (waterfall). The first waterfall or most of their own is the highest waterfall about 30 meters. The second waterfall about 10 feet or as high as coconut trees. And the bottom is also about 10 meters. Each waterfall below it there is a pool / pond that is often used as a bathing place for the visitors. Each pool has an average depth of more than 5 meters. Even one pool had been measured by local people using bamboo bamboo is very long but it's not touching the pool bottom. So if the bathing place is will have to be careful, and if not a good swimmer to swim alongside a better or safer'll make use of a float.

    Silangit waterfall is usually crowded on Sundays or other holidays. And most crowded is when the rainy season because the waterfall is very swift. Silangit waterfall visitors were mostly young children. Usually if you want to go to Goa Seplawan many are taking the time to visit the waterfall Silangit because it is one access to the Path to Goa Seplawan.

    Privileges owned waterfall Silangit could be one source of local revenue if the government wanted to develop that potential. But unfortunately until now the government is still difficult to develop the tourism potential. Of course the problem of lack of funds. But if the government is serious to develop into a commercial tourist attraction can be done in cooperation with various parties. So that will materialize a fun alternative attractions in Purworejo.(Budut Seplawan)

    Source: bloggerpurworejo.com

    photo: browniskukus.wordpress.com

    photo: ontirontir.blogspot.com

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