Indonesia has a variety of traditional foods. Due to fact that consists of many provinces and in each province has special food from their respective regions. It may be that each region has dozens of special foods, but of the many special foods of course only a few are famous to the national and even international. One of those typical Indonesian food is Kerak Telor.

Kerak Telor or Egg crust is a typical Betawi food and is usually found at the Jakarta Fair event. There are also those who sell it by the side of road. This culinary is synonymous with the city of Jakarta. Because this traditional food is the pride of Jakarta citizens. Because it has a savory and legit taste when eaten.

This cuisine has been known to be delicious since the Dutch colonial period and was once the prima donna in the city that used to be called Batavia. The egg crust can be said to be the fast food of people in Jakarta. To serve this culinary does not take long, because in less than 15 minutes you can already eat a warm and delicious egg crust.

This culinary is made from ingredients such as chicken or duck eggs, white sticky rice, roasted ebi and added fried onions. Then the spices are mashed and grated coconut that has been roasted, red chili, ginger, kencur, granulated sugar and salt. How to cook egg crust is quite unique. Then put into the pan without using oil.

When the egg is half cooked, the pan will be turned over facing the hot charcoal from the brazier used for cooking and letting it become crust.

After the surface is slightly charred, the egg crust is removed and sprinkled with spices, the egg crust is ready to be enjoyed. This egg crust is made without using a stove, but using brazier and charcoal. How to cook using this brazier to maintain the distinctive taste of a legit and savory egg crust.